MYOPZINE - Ed Alcock / Home sweet home

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"Home Sweet Home" by Ed Alcock is out of stock as an individual zine. "Some Sweet Home" still is available in the MYOPzine collection, under "Lot 4", which gathers : "Home Sweet Home" by Ed Alcock, "Seoul Boum Boum" by Oan Kim, "Enter the shadow" by Olivier Jobard, and the two books "MYOP in Arles".


Collection : MYOPZINE
Auteur : Ed Alcock
Titre : Home sweet home
Éditeur : Myop
Edition de 250 ex
Numéroté à la main
36 pages, 15x21 cm
Papier Fedrigoni
Imprimé en France

Également disponible dans le lot Vol. #4