Myopzine Integral

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The set is composed of the 21 zines (with LOT1, LOT2, LOT 3, LOT4 and LOT5) as well as 19 signed prints, one for each photographer from MYOP.

Iinkjet prints produced on Baryta or Fine Art papers, 15x21cm.

Photographs from : Jean Larive, Stéphane Lagoutte, Pierre Hybre, Agnès Dherbeys, France Keyser, Julie Hascoet, Ed Alcock, Julien Pebrel, Oan Kim, Guillaume Binet, Julien Daniel, Marie Dorigny, Olivier Jobard, Alain Keler, Olivier Laban Mattei, Ulrich Lebeuf, Pascal Maitre, Olivier Monge and Jeremy Saint Peyre.

Edition of 15

Public price : 600€
Pre-Sale Price : 540€ (available till August 22)

PRESALE : The Collector Set will be available in Paris or shipped internationally by Septembre 2020.